We can use proprietary levelling compounds to: Fix low spots/dips in concrete or fc sheeted floors. Ramp up to adjoining slabs/ floors and thresholds.

We can use mortars mixed onsite to:
Provide a level floor with graded falls to floor wastes in wet areas. Provide a surface true to plane to make good for tiling concrete slabs or timber floors.

Fix subfloor heights. Provide a surface true to plane, and plumb to make good for tiling brick/block or timber framed walls. 

Fix non uniform steps.
With levelling compounds we can feather down to nothing, with mortar we need to keep a minimum depth of 25mm over a timber subfloor and 10 mm over concrete. Installation has a medium level of difficulty. .



We use electric grinders fitted with diamond embedded metal grinding cups, housed with dust shrouds connected to vacuum dust extractors.
We can grind concrete floors or concrete/brick/block walls to remove:
Tile adhesive, carpet/vinyl adhesive, paint/lacquers.
To remove high spots/humps.
To roughen/key existing tiled surfaces to receive tiling. 



We use various brands of liquid/polymer blend waterproofing membranes to seal substrates against water penetration prior to tiling, painting or rendering, or as a finished surface.

Applications include:
Sealing/tanking wet areas.
Sealing/tanking decks/balconies/flat roofs.
Sealing/tanking retaining walls/planter boxes.
Sealing/tanking water features/ponds.
Sealing/tanking pools/spas.
Sealing/tanking water tanks. 




We offer a full renovation demolition service and removal.
When removing tile from concrete/brick/block substrate the surface requires grinding to remove tile adhesive.
When removing tile from fc sheet, particularly walls, we generally remove the sheeting with the tile as it is difficult to preserve.